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Scheme Design

Ecopass started on 2nd January 2008 and consists of a charge applied to vehicles circulating within the city centre area during working days (Monday to Friday) from 7.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. (7.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. from 15th April 2008).

The figure below shows the Limited Traffic Zone that includes the area within the city walls. This zone has been chosen because within it are 12% of daily car trips of the whole municipality; secondly, it is the area most served by public transport; and thirdly, it is easily managed due to the low number of possible access points (43 in total).

The Ecopass ticket is required for:

  • private and commercial petrol cars Euro 0, Euro 1 and Euro 2
  • Diesel cars Euro 0, Euro 1, Euro 2 and Euro 3
  • Diesel commercial vehicles Euro 0, Euro 1, Euro 2 and Euro 3
  • Diesel buses Euro 0, Euro 1, Euro 2, Euro 3, Euro 4 and Euro 5

Each vehicle has its registration book for the European Directive and with the information inside this document it is possible to identify the Euro Category and the corresponding pollution class.

After having recognised the pollution class of the vehicle, the user will pay the charge (from 2€ to 10€ for daily entrance) corresponding to a certain level of PM10 emissions his vehicle is characterised by.

Types of Ecopass and Ecopass charges

Daily Ecopass
With a daily Ecopass the user can enter the Ecopass Area all day as many times as he/she pleases. The charge can be paid on the first day of entry or until midnight on the following day.

Multiple Ecopass

There is also a multiple Ecopass, worth €20, €50 or €100, which entitles the holder to enter on different days, without having to pay a daily Ecopass charge.

The multiple entry Ecopass allows the holder to enter the Ecopass area on 50 – not necessarily consecutive – days, with a 50% reduction on the daily Ecopass charge and for a further 50 days with a 40% reduction. There are no multiple entry reductions from the 101st day onwards. Moreover reductions only apply to passenger vehicles, while buses, multi-purpose vehicles and goods vehicles are excluded.

Optional Yearly Ecopass for “Cerchia dei Bastioni” LTZ Residents

Residents of the Cerchia dei Bastioni LTZ – Ecopass Area can apply for a yearly Ecopass at reduced rates for their own vehicles. The charge can be paid at any time until midnight on the day after the first entry. The yearly Ecopass is valid for the whole of 2008 and gives residents access to the Ecopass Area. Application and payment are subject to a check on vehicle ownership and residence via the applicant’s Tax Code.

Residents of the Cerchia dei Bastioni LTZ - Ecopass Area include:

  • the inhabitants of properties situated within the Ecopass Area who are either owners of such properties or tenants with duly registered rental contracts and with domestic utility contracts in their name;
  • the inhabitants of properties situated outside the Ecopass Area who have garages or parking spaces within the Ecopass Area.

The Ecopass can be obtained at authorised ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi) shops, tobacconists, newsagents. To pay the Ecopass charge it is enough to follow the instructions on the back of the card, or call a free phone number (from 7am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday), or use Mastercard, Moneta and VISA credit cards by going on the Ecopass website (www.comune.milano.it/Ecopass), or utilize an automatic cash dispenser of the Intesa-SanPaolo circuit, or, finally, opt for a current account payment.


If someone drives in the Cerchia dei Bastioni Limited Traffic Zone - Ecopass Area without having paid the corresponding Ecopass charge by midnight on the day following entry, or if the user pays a lower pollution class than the one corresponding to the vehicle, or if he/she is not authorized to circulate, the penalty charge will range from 70 euros to 275 euros.

The same penalty charge is applied to any vehicle over 7 metres long entering the Ecopass area.

There is no Ecopass charge for:

  • mopeds, scooters and motorbikes
  • vehicles carrying disabled passengers and/or bearing a disabled passenger badge.

In the first week of the Ecopass drivers had difficulty finding and/or paying for the necessary ticket, which can be purchased in various denominations at dispensers throughout the city, at some banks and over the internet. However in the second week, when business returned to normal in the city after the Christmas festivities, the major problems seemed to have been overcome. After almost a year it seems that citizens have got acquainted with Ecopass.