• The marginal cost estimates – will support the work of the Commission, being used to inform the structure and level of charges; in the longer term this will result in more fair and efficient charging systems.
  • The development of transport accounts – will make transparent the relationship between costs, revenues and benefits, providing policymakers in transport and finance departments at the national, regional and local levels with enhanced information on which to determine the future direction of transport sector charging;
  • Guidance on levels of complexity – will provide policy-makers with enhanced information on wheth er and where it is appropriate to reflect the complex nature of marginal cost estimates within the levels and structures of charging regimes;
  • The framework for generalisation – will inform policymakers about the drivers of transport costs and guidance on charge-setting where full estimation of costs is not appropriate;
  • Guidance on impacts – will provide policy-makers enhanced information and forecasts of the socio-economic impacts of introducing more fair and efficient charging for transport infrastructure use.

5/6 December Final Conference: download the Agenda and Presentations

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